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Encouraging thoughtful, handwritten correspondence on behalf of animals.

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A dog or cat. Backyard wildlife. An exotic species halfway around the globe. We all have a soft spot for some animal. Animal Writes wants you to take that sentiment and share it with someone else. With a simple postcard, you can help an animal by connecting with another human to make a difference on an issue you’re passionate about.

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Why Handwritten?

A simple message only takes a minute to write, stamp and send, yet could make a major difference in the life of the animal you are speaking for.

In today’s digital age, we are inundated with constant texts, tweets, posts and pokes. But have you ever stepped back to think that through all of this it’s really hard to actually connect with someone? Doesn’t it seem like posting a message to a couple hundred “friends” ends up with no one really listening? One of the easiest ways to show someone else you care is by taking an extra moment to hand write something. Not only does it show how important the issue is to you, your message will stand out amongst the electronic chatter and make a memorable statement.

Tips for Effective Postcard Writing:

Before you start, remember a few things:

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